Heaven Is A Place On Earth

Only a small handful of days stand between me and the happiest place on Earth, known locally as Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. What is this slice of heaven, you ask? Exactly this: a glittering oasis in the desert hell-hole that constitutes life for most of the species represented above, thanks to the rise of the factory farm.

Link to Edgar’s Mission website

Every creature that has found its way to Edgar’s is a lucky anomaly, an exception to the rule, a dodger of fate. Allowed to live out their lives naturally, in peace, each animal has a backstory of suffering and survival – the unsinkable Molly Brown, sole survivor of a truck rollover on the freeway which killed 400 sheep (the truck was bound for the slaughterhouse); Mr Miyagi, rooster, a school hatching project reject; Hope – who, with a lot of sneaking, squeezing, hiding and running, managed to escape the pig farm and her fate. 

This Sunday, I’ll be attending one of their special volunteer days – where ordinary folk make the drive north of Melbourne to spend a day labouring on a farm. I hope I get to meet the goat I help sponsor, Boots (below) – who, as you can see, has grown from cute kid into one handsome fella!


bboots 2

Edgar’s Mission is a bastion for those who feel strongly about animal rights. Just knowing such a place existed was an enormous support when I made the switch to a vegetarian diet (and as I now move towards the infinitely-more-difficult veganism).

For daily inspiration, and to be motivated to live a kinder, more compassion life, ‘like’ them on Facebook – and subscribe to their blog posts: well-written and from the heart, they seem to always make my eyes water! I must be allergic to the font. ; )

P.S. There are lots of ways to support the mission – but my favourite is the online store

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