Sun worshippers

On the way to work, by the path, a dozen or so butterflies were sunbathing.


2 thoughts on “Sun worshippers

  1. The butterfly at the bottom could be a Common Brown – we’ve got lots of them here. I’ve recently posted on the Marbled Xenica butterfly and another photograph of a butterfly I have just identified as a Common Brown. Yours looks similar but I can’t see the key detail of the lower wing in your photo, so I may be wrong. I’ve just recently acquired a butterfly field guide, so I;’m new to this. Much better at birds and plants! Great photo anyway, whatever it is! 🙂

  2. I think you might be right! I just thought it was such a beautiful sight, all these butterflies blissing out in the sun, seemingly unaware of all else around them – even a curious human leaning in with a camera. Thanks for stopping by the blog – I’m very impressed by the photos on yours!

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