Liquid Lifesaver


After four consecutive days of above-forty degree temperatures, most of the living things you see in Melbourne are looking a little heat-stressed. For our wildlife, this heat-stress can have devastating consequences – that’s why I’ve been leaving a large (cake) container of water in the front of my yard for the parched mouths of any native passers-by.

Other ways you can help in these and future extreme conditions (thanks to Animals Australia):

COVER YOUR POOL | Hot animals trying to beat the heat can drown in pools so taking away that access can save lives

KEEP AN EYE OUT | Look out for heat-stressed wildlife – and if you spot any critters who look like they’re struggling, call your local wildlife group for assistance

BE PREPARED | Keep an emergency kit in your car (containing a bottle of water, a blanket/towel and a cardboard box) in case you come across exhausted wildlife while you’re driving. Save a few local wildlife rescue contacts in your phone so you can ring for advice if you need it.



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