Dino 101

dinosaur skeletons museum victoria
An after-work visit to Museum Victoria to sketch some dino bones!

It’s nearly the end of week 5 of my online paleobiology course (Dino 101: Introduction to Paleobiology by the University of Alberta on Coursera), and I thought I’d share some dinosaur-related images and video. The course is absolutely awesome, and I’d recommend it to any dinosaur enthusiasts out there. If you have any specific questions, please leave a comment or message and I’ll get back to you!

dinosaur bones sketch drawing pen ink
One of my drawings: Dino skull - Ink on paper, 2014

dinosaur skull sketch  dinosaur scrapbook
My book is filled with these quick anatomical sketches & pages of notes

Dinosaur egg fossil
This photo was posted in the facebook study group I help administer. It's 
a fossilised dinosaur egg, won at auction by a lady in New Zealand. 
Naturally, we all lost our sh*t over this.

meg dinosaurs otway
Something I posted to the facebook group: a pic of me at the Otway 
Ranges in Victoria, Australia, taken last year. I'd just zip-lined 
through the rainforest on a giant flying fox, then I stumbled 
across these guys in a field!

Amazing animatronics at Museum Victoria.

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