International volunteering

Austraining Volunteers Webinar2.png

I attended my first webinar last week to learn more about opportunities to volunteer overseas, after seeing an ad by AYAD (a youth volunteering organisation which helps deliver on Australia’s international aid program). The presentation gave an overview of the program, support offered and how to apply, and a returned volunteer spoke about her experience in Jakarta. At the end, participants were given the opportunity to ask questions via the chat portal, which were then relayed to the group.

This is something I’d love to do in the future, but probably couldn’t commit to at the moment. I’d be most interested in spending a couple of months in Papua New Guinea or one of the Polynesian islands, and the good news is that there seems to be plenty of jobs in my field (Marketing/Communications)!

For those interested, all volunteering assignments are listed on the AYAD website on the first of each month, where there is plenty of information and inspiration to get you thinking about volunteering overseas.Austraining Volunteers Webinar


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