Weekend snapshots

Nearly at the end of a long weekend wisely spent, at the markets (Farmers Market and Camberwell Markets) and around animals (Collingwood Children’s Farm and CERES Environment Park). That is, when I wasn’t studying, drafting media releases or essay-writing! Here are two of my favourite photos from the weekend; the first was taken at Collingwood Children’s farm (which is a bit of a misnomer, because I’m an adult and I go there all the time and LOVE IT!) and some of my market buys.

chicken hen farm photography

Hey good lookin'...whatcha got chookin'? Keeping cool in the shade with the 
rest of the flock.

fossils markets eocene fish shark teeth

The fish are 50 million years old, and those are the teeth of ancient sharks.
I couldn't afford the Megalodon tooth, which was roughly the size of my palm!

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